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The challenges that come with the process of venturing into a business where one creates and sells what they are deeply passionate about, whilst doing enough research to ensure that the product is always in demand (and the business is sustainable), is often one that many dread.

Driven and focused entrepreneur, Themba Zikhali took the risk and decided that she will venture into a business that is lucrative and has a chance for growth. Having a circle that had her back was most beneficial for her, especially because a friend who was already in the business advised her to dive in.

“I did introspection and I had to choose between cooking as a business or just go the opposite direction to everyone else and sell sunglasses,” says Zikhali. Hence the birth of TZ Eyecessories.

Her super trendy and fashion-forward unisex sunglasses are the perfect fit. Above all, they are a reflection of the founder’s true character as well. Zikhali is a woman who loves travelling, has an eye for stunning and glamourous items. As a result of that, her knowledge influences the designs for her range of sunglasses.

As a self-funded woman, she had to start small and was able to design 6 different glasses – which to her surprise, sold like hot cakes. Zikhali saw the demand and decided to give it another go, but bigger this time. Like everything in the fashion industry, the designs are seasonal. Therefore every pair will have an adaptation of what is currently buzzing in the fashion streets.

“The designs are seasonal, it depends on what is trending in the season. Like now SS19, there are new designs and styles that will be trending,” she explains.

Although Zikhali did not want to mention names, she did reveal that she works with a Chinese native who assists with the designing and the execution of ideas. Eventually she plans on taking over every mall near you, and because business is booming, she is well on her way to making a mark in the fashion world.

Currently, TZ Eyecessories uses the 21st century method of marketing; which is social media. A dynamic website for orders and online purchases is also on the cards.

“In this century, social media is the best tool for almost any business. Having done Social Media Marketing as a subject, I can confidently say it is the future. However, for those who are not on social media, there are markets that I sell at and also a word of mouth helps,” she adds.

As a black woman who has experienced the highs and many lows of entrepreneurship, she advises business owners to remember why they started out in the first place and never forget the love or obstacles they encountered in the beginning. She believes that these are the building blocks for every successful business.

You can check out her amazing range of shades and accessories for prescription glasses on Facebook: TZ Eyecessories as well as make orders using the email: tzeyecessories@gmail.com and WhatsApp her on this phone number: +27 72 929 3538

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