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Umlazi born Megga remains rooted in his true identity

Having toured the whole country and its boarders, Megga, whose real name is Lindani Gabuza, is getting massive love for his exceptional music style.

Born in Umlazi, a large and vibrant township in Durban, the 22-year-old uses his raw talent to promote and preserve African culture by blending Maskandi music into modern Hip Hop beats. Albeit he was a part of numerous arts projects in his early school days to help showcase his talent, his skills as a rapper only started to take shape in 2014, and even more when he joined the Invaders of Africa – a successful crew of Djs in Gauteng.

After multiple explosive shows in Gauteng, Megga’s big break came when he was signed by Wisdom Entertainment which is where he released his debut single titled Induku Enhle. With eight hot tracks under his name, the musician also has two features; one with Lesotho songbird, Linkeng, titled Mina Nawe.

In every song, the dynamic musician endeavours to make sure that his lyrics are relatable. He also aims to prove to his peers that they can still dance to modern sounds mixed with Mzansi’s very own unique content.

“I think that as the young generation, we are slowly losing touch with our heritage and rapidly forgetting who we are and meant to be. It is for this reason I’m trying by all means to fuse our culture into these modern beats,” he says.

Describing himself as a proud Zulu man, Megga utilizes every opportunity to represent his culture. This is particularly evident in his clothing style. He explains that he doesn’t try to be anyone or something that he is not, which is why he uses his own language; as it makes it easier for him to express himself.

While he can’t say whether or not his music is classified under the ATM (African Trap Movement) genre, he does, however, acknowledge that the movement is growing in South Africa because it is unique and easy on the ear. He goes on to say that the best thing for him is that his music is able to cater for both the young and old (hip hop heads and traditional music lovers) hence he saw it necessary to preach a message of LOVE, especially for women and children.

“If you listen to my songs, it’s all about love, even my first single, Induku Enhle. I appreciate the beautiful women of the African continent,” he says.

Speaking of singles, his current offering, Amajuba, emphasises the importance of men taking care of their sisters, mothers and women at large, as they are incredibly special in this world. The video is on rotation on music channels such as Channel O and is also available on YouTube where it is currently sitting on more than 6 thousand views.

To track his moves, follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @Megga_digital. Facebook: MeggaRSA. To book him, email:

~ Thabile Shange

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