Flamboyant kid with immense self-belief

The global music industry, particularly hip hop, is frequently evolving. Today, ‘trapping’ is a sound that continues to gain popularity as a style of hip hop. Someone who is eager to grow it to an even bigger scale, by adding his own touch, is a Durban based rapper who goes by the name of Rxtchetkid.

Describing his sound as a charismatic new-age trapping and rapping; which is greatly inspired by Drake, the 19-year-old had a chat with us about his distinctive sound and upcoming EP (extended playlist) which is a duo project with an artist named Blssng.

Rxtchetkid (pronounced as Ratchet kid) whose real name is Andile Innocent Mbambo, was raised in a very groovy and music-loving family. His father, who was a huge Maskandi fan, would play a lot of Maskandi and Mbhaqanga music for him, while his mother filled the home with the sweet and spiritual melodies of Gospel music.

However, it was his brother who got him hooked to a different type of tune, making him fall in love with Hip Hop, as he would often play music from rap giants like 50 Cent, Rick Ross and Eminem.

Expanding more on his music style, Rxtchetkid highlights that his approach is typically emotional and boastful; making reference to Canadian rapper Drake, who is on a similar wave.

“I have evolved through his sound and made it sweeter. This sound is here to stay because a lot of artists like Tory Lanez, A-Reece and Mavie Benz are using this sound,” he says.

Believing that he is one of the best and rarest in Africa, the young creative says that his flows, rhymes, skill and ‘tight’ content is what makes his sound unique. He adds that the reception to his music has been tremendous even though most of the listeners mistake him for an American artist.

Letting us in a bit on his upcoming duo project titled, ‘The Finesse Theory Part 1’ the budding musician promises that it is going to be the best trap project to drop in Africa. On this project he features German artist, Nsov Vaine on a track called Snakes.

Talking about his collaborative experience with Blssng, Rxtchetkid says it was a great honour working with a musical genius who inspired him to start making music. He also revealed that he decided to do a duo project because he was not ready to release a solo project, mostly because he is still focusing on growing as an artist, and more importantly as a brand.

On artists he would like to work with in the future, he says that locally it would be Durban rapper and producer, AT, and internationally it would be Nsov Ralph.

“These artists aren’t really superstars. They are both up and coming but their music and work ethics keep me grinding hard every day and I would also like to feature both of them on one song,” he explains.

In five years’ time, Rxtchetkid sees himself as a South African hip hop superstar and a public figure. He would also like to own his own radio station and also win a Grammy or BET award.

His music is available on YouTube, Soundcloud and AudioMack as Rxtchetkid. Interact with him on social media: @RxtchetKid_SA on twitter and facebook, @GiftedBaby88 on Instagram.

~ Thabile Shange


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