Lyrical Session Movement: A stage for Emcees on the come-up

Providing a great platform for underground rappers to showcase their skills, the Lyrical Session Movement will host its 19th gig this Saturday (the 22nd of September) at the Mona Pub in Durban, at 12pm.

Siyabonga Mathonsi, founder of the movement, says that he started Lyrical Session alongside his crew, School of Vision in 2014 with the aim of helping up and coming emcees to get recognition from record labels.

“When we started we used to only host emcee performers and poets but for the love of hip hop culture we decided to add battle rap and people are loving it,” Mathonsi says.

Participants were requested, via the movement’s social media accounts, to send their videos and music to event organisers for selection. Mathonsi explains that there are different types of rappers, each having a different sound and their target market are people who love and understand the underground sound. He also added that they have introduced new artists, including female rappers for the first time this year.

The Ngcobo Empire team had a chat with No Peace, who is one of the emcees hoping to bring his own approach to the battle and most importantly represent his hometown.

Born in Seshego in the Limpopo province, Khomotjo Sebone is a multifaceted artist. Apart from rapping he also draws, paints and is a tattoo artist. He informed us that his stage name ‘No Peace’ simply represents his content and not necessarily what he stands for.

“I don’t see any peace in the world so I write about no peace because that’s what I see,” he explains.

According to the 34 year old emcee, artists from Limpopo are often discriminated against. He recalls many situations where simply being from Limpopo was enough to disqualify his artistry or potential thereof. “I don’t know why people don’t expect Limpopo to have talent because there is a vast amount of talent there. This is really beyond me,” he says.

This forthcoming Lyrical Session Movement will be the second attempt for the artist after his first battle earlier this year. Speaking on the incident which left him partially sighted, No Peace says he is not self-conscious about his eye. If anything, he believes that his experience has helped shape the man that he is today. The accident occurred many years ago when the rapper was still young and mischievous. He had been trying to explode a can of Doom and injured himself, which led to the unfortunate loss of sight in one of his eyes.

No Peace is currently working on two projects; a solo album called ‘Sinking in Thinking’ which he describes as a lashing out and sharing of his thoughts on a more personal level. The other is yet to be named and is a collaborative project with rapper, Necrophonic Skillz. In the long run, No Peace hopes that Limpopo will get the respect it deserves because he believes that location does not guarantee or enfeeble skill.

Catch the battles on YouTube: LYRICAL SESSION MOVEMENT or follow them on Facebook: LYRICAL SESSION MOVEMENT. No Peace is Khomotjo Sebone on Facebook, @bodiedink on IG, and @bodied_ ink on Twitter.

~ Thabile Shange


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