Afrika is a mother of Spirituality & Prophets

Every nation has its own prophets. Jesus himself was a prophet of the nation of Israel, not the world. In Africa we have our own prophets but we don’t honor them because we have been made to believe that they are demonic and that what we practice is not biblical.

As Africans we have nothing to do with the bible; that’s a spiritual journey of another nation, not ours. We experience ubuthakathi namadliso – does that mean that they do not exist because they are not in the Bible? Well that’s a topic for another day.

For a very long time we have been praising Jerusalem as our spiritual home. Many Africans, today, take trips to Israel to strengthen their relationship with God, not knowing that they are leaving God behind, in Africa. The strangest thing is that some believers visit David’s grave, but when we visit our ancestors’ graves, it is said to be demonic.

If we studied our own prophets & spirituality, we would see just how much God loves us. If we were confident in our very own spirituality, we’d take pride in our own identity, as well as that of our African prophets. It is unfortunate that Africans can tell you (from A-Z) about Elijah, Abraham and Isaac but when you ask them about their own Prophets; like Prophet Ntsikana, Prophet Radebe, Prophet Credo Mutwa, Prophet Mgijima, they don’t know anything.

Any religion that tells you to honor its ancient prophets & ancestors but reject your own, is a cult. You hear so many people saying that they don’t believe in ancestors, as if the people they read about in the bible are not ancestors themselves. To take it further, we pray to “the God of Abraham”, ” God of Israel”, “God of Jacob” – the list goes on! What about our own prophets? Why is it said that it’s demonic when an African prays to “God of Mantsopa”, for example; is it because their names are not in the bible?

Mama Makhetha Mantsopa is our very own African Prophetess – a renowned healer, rainmaker and diviner born in the late 1700s (around 1795) in a place called Likotsi or Ramakhetheng, near present day Maseru. Prophetess Mantsopa came to life in 2015 through my spiritual leader, Prophet Radebe. During her life and times, she prophesied the coming of the Hlubi prophet (Prophet Radebe) before he was even born. She said that he would take over her mountains. This is one of the ways of identifying true prophets. Bayazana ngokomoya.

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Makhetha Mantsopa was a celebrated prophet of the 19th century and an advisor to King Moshoeshoe, the founder of the Basotho nation. Every year, thousands of people would head to the little settlement of Modderpoort (outside Ladybrand in the Free State) to pay homage and ask for help from the Basotho Prophetess Mantsopa. Thousands of people still do.

For the past two years, my church has been visiting Moodderspoort where Prophetess Mantsopa performed her healing sessions. Among some of the rituals performed at the mountain is lighting candles by her grave, and at the cave where she conducted her healings (intsebenzo) & prayer sessions. Water is also drawn from the spring where Mama Mantsopa drew her water. For us, it is more than just a heritage site. It is a home away from home – a spiritual home.

Contrary to popular and religious belief, Africa is a mother to prophets and prophetesses. It has given birth to many women and men who possessed the gift of prophesy and who have impacted many lives solely because of their relationship with the most high. Yes, their healings and teachings are not recorded in the bible because they are not from Israel but Africa. Yes, our African history has been destroyed and misinterpreted, but it is our duty to start digging and finding the truth.

Prophetess Mantsopa died at the age of 111. The date of her passing is registered as 11 November 1906. She remains an icon till this day. Her memory is preserved and she is still revered by many today. If African stories are not appealing to you as an African, then I’m afraid you are lost and it’s time you questioned what you have been believing about African Spirituality; starting with our prophets.

The sooner we (children of the soil)  start recognizing Africa as indawo yomoya [a spiritual dwelling place] the sooner we will discover the truth about our own history and discover for ourselves how God loves us purely as Africans, because Africa is the holiest place on planet Earth!

Lubisi Kholosa


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    Nokhanyo says

    What can we do now our heritage and place of secrets have been taken away by the missionaries who bought them and made them their own. That is why we are so defeated because of that exposure. The missionaries came to steal everything but most people don’t realise that the spiritual part from our ancient prophets also stolen and wiped away by missionaries of which that is the important part of life as they are advisors to Gods way and connection

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    Nicolas says

    Issues of Christianity are very complex. As they involves around spirituality. As a society with different cultures and beliefs (religion). One should ask himself or herself will we ever have one thing in common, a specially when it comes to God. And the prophets of God, and taking all that into consideration. What kind of a bible book will have to today? Bible we read today is written by a man and editted by man. And that should not make us not to believe in the existence of God.

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    Velani Shezi says

    Wow, great is the information you are telling the Greatest Africans to recognize who they are and how powerful we are in the spiritual world and in the whole universe, conitue telling the truth as it is so that Black People will start to look at themselves and stand tall to claim their God’s the creator’s power and regain whatever was stolen from them that made them to be victims of Aids, Ebola, Cancer, Corona Virus today, as a tool to depopulation of human so that the west will inherit our forefathers continent, I salute the step you have taken and may UMfihlakalo give you more wisdom to spread this message

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    Zeluleko Nkomo says

    Thank you for this article. We need amaqiniso about African Spirituality. Ayibuye iAfrica lasenkolweni.

  5. Reply
    Charles says

    They Knew God Even Before The Bible Came.

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    Wow nothing but a pure truth Zulu likubusise ubusise qhubeke bhe amaqiniso a sibuyele eMbo Zulu says

    Wow nothing but a pure truth Zulu likubusise

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    Siyanda says

    It is time now to raise. Prophet Radebe prophecy and said he is raising the generation of problem solvers. It is time for this generation to serve it’s purpose. Thanks you very much for this article , I would like to keep in touch because I also have a duty of writing a book but I am still strategizing the right approach to complete the task.

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    mbusi says

    true about details of that prophecy,my family in 2004 also had details regarding some spiritual power at mantsopa area

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    sinovuyo says

    uthetha amaqiniso odwa ingaba ungowaphi uphantsi kweyiphi inkolo ngoba mna nawe sithetha into enye.

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