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Ayana business boost for women on the move

Towards the end of last month, as millions of South African citizens were commemorating the Sharpeville massacre on the 21st of March, Ayana Innovative used the time to launch their progressive online business directory.

In accordance with their overall mandate which is to empower women, this directory is for all female owned businesses and/or female targeted businesses. By female targeted, they mean that their service is equally available for businesses owned by men, just as long as their products and services directly benefit women.

Anyone who wishes to have their company or brand listed on the Ayana Innovative website can do so by paying an annual subscription fee of R200.00 and get to enjoy some very unique benefits such as:

– Collaboration opportunities with them whenever they host events
– Extra visibility on the internet, moreso on their social media platforms
– Referral to anyone in their business network who might need your services
– Being the first to know about their promotions, competitions and other offers

All you need to submit, together with your annual fee, is your business name & address, a detailed list of your products or services, contact information, social media handles, company logo and HD images of your previous work.

Through this platform, Ayana Innovative aim to share their digital growth with other female targeted businesses. “We will be able to cover some of the costs we incur, and to issue our women empowerment publication (Ayana Magazine) consistently,” said Noeleen who is the Founder of the company.

We then asked Noeleen what her thoughts are, about the current state of black business and women in business within this country’s economy and this is what she had to say:

“Things can be better; it’s coming in the right direction, through giving access to funding. Access to mentorship and workshops for upcoming entrepreneurs would make a significant impact in our economy, as entrepreneurs contribute to its growth.

“Job opportunities are created by entrepreneurs. Needs & Wants are provided by entrepreneurs. I therefore think that our economy can do better in offering more support.”

To find out more about Ayana Innovative, visit their website or drop them an email:

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