Left handed bass player with a football brain targets the world stage

Everybody knows that African people are the most gifted and skilled beings on earth; and when it comes to possessing the ability of playing musical instruments, we outshine the rest!

The same can be said about Tshepo Mohlala who is an exceptional bass guitar player with a left-hand….. Yes, a left-handed bass guitarist  As peculiar as that may seem, the versatile musician has somehow found a way to deal with his unusual predicament of being left-handed while most of the bass guitars are designed for people who use their right hands.

Besides being brilliant with the guitar, Tshepo is also a producer, music director, song writer and dedicated businessman. And even beyond that, he is a “born again” child of God; a brother to three amazing sisters; and a father to a beautiful baby girl whom he named Bontle.

“I love my soccer and if anything I’d be a football player had I not answer my call to music. I played at Pirates and Swallows juniors respectively. I’m an introvert who loves to be around fun but not loud surroundings, and of course I love Jesus with all that I am.”

Mr Mohlala has worked with so many well-established artists in the industry. The list is very long but some of the better known ones are Zahara, Mafikizolo, Pastor Benjamin Dube, Judith Sephuma, Mam’ Sbongile Khumalo, Pro Kid, and the late Lebo Mathosa.

His record label company – Lefthandbass Productions – was formed in 2009 and its name was inspired by the massive following he received after people saw him playing the bass guitar upside-down (the left handed way) on many of his DVD recordings. After that he then decided to brand himself accordingly and his tag line is: if it’s not LEFT it’s not RIGHT.

The Lefthandbass brand also has a clothing division called the Jesus Kingdom Squad and Most High. The record label has one artist currently, by the name of Tshepang Mofokeng who is a Gospel singer. So far, his artist has released an album, two singles and two music videos.

We asked Mr Mohlala as to what his thoughts are on this country’s music industry, and this is what he had to say: “The current state of our music industry needs Jesus lol but on a serious note it does because there’s no honesty and if you’re not strong you could lose yourself. A lot of people die poor coz they haven’t studied for it and they easily get robbed of what should rightfully be theirs. Musicians only see the stage and lights but do not know the business side of things. We must start teaching the young ones to got study for it like any other profession.”

For him personally, he is highly motivated by the prospect of seeing himself performing on the world stage and his clothing brand being shipped across borders. “I will not rest until I see that happening,” he added.

You may follow Tshepo on twitter: @lefthand_bassp and facebook: Tshepo Mohlala


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