Features that would make twitter more appealing

I’m quite sure that most of us know, by now, that twitter wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for the impact that ‘black twitter’ commands on this social media platform. Kahle kahle we are the most lit out of everybody else, especially now that black excellence is on the rise!

Many have tried and others are still trying to catch up to the level of litness that is generated by ‘black twitter’ and equally so, they have failed to reach those standards. Not even Donald Trump’s lunatic tendencies can match what ‘black twitter’ is able to achieve on the internet. In fact, mentioning the name of the American President in the same space as that of ‘black twitter’ is totally not appropriate. My sincere apologies for doing so.

The point I want to drive across is that twitter management and its decision makers should start taking ‘black twitter’ more seriously – that’s if they haven’t started doing so already. We are the ones who add the biggest value to their company.

As for me individually, I rate twitter the highest out of all the social media platforms on offer. This is due to its inclusive nature that makes it conducive for a broader perspective on societal topics. In light of that, I have put together a list of features that I believe would make twitter even more interesting and appealing to me as its avid user. Here they are:

– Allow us to quote tweets with photos and/or memes

– Enable us to send voice notes via DM

– Make it possible to pin other people’s tweets on our own timelines

– Provide an option to declare one’s Employment & Relationship status

– Show us (on request) a list of people that have blocked any particular person on twitter

– Give us a chance to proclaim our political affiliations

– Let us be able to name the type of drink we prefer the most on our bios 

Perhaps most of you may be uncomfortable with these proposed options but as I stated earlier; they are my own personal wish list and obviously there are many other twitter users out there who share the same sentiments as me.

Should anyone have more or similar ideas in mind, kindly feel free to share them with us. Who knows?! Somebody from the twitter headquarters could be paying attention.

— @NEcommanda


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    Lwazi Shange says

    We want an Afro emoji very soon. Please!

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    Mbali Ntuli says

    Twitter should have an age restriction. Gogos like Helen Zille must not be allowed to use it.

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