A Creative who adds comedic elements to your favourite songs

You may, or may not have heard the hilarious, yet equally witty hip hop track “Hamba Ney’dudla” which is a parody of Dj Citi Lyts ft. Sjava & Saudi’s hit song “Vura” …..and in case you have not, you can stream it right here!

The brains behind this track and many others of similar style, including the “Hotline bling” parody, is George Mnguni, or better known to his friends, followers and fans as Okay Wasabi. This comedian and content creator who is from the streets of Vosloorus, east of Johannesburg, says his stage name came about as a result of mishearing song lyrics.

“When I was in High School, my favourite rapper was Lil Wayne who had a line in a song that said “Whoa Kemosabe/Big Balling Is My Hobby”. I misheard that lyric and thought he said Okay Wasabi. I took that misheard lyric and made it my name,” he explained.

The 23 year old creative started off by making short-format comedy videos on social media and later went on to making parody songs, which he says have been his biggest drawcard to date. “I think we all grew up mishearing lyrics from songs; we’d interpret it in our own way. I just never lost that childlike sense. I rarely ever sit down and say I’m going to make a parody out of this song, it just happens and whenever it does, it is usually funny and I expand on it,” said Wasabi.

The growth of his fan base and the strong desire to share stories extensively is what sparked the move to Youtube, where he currently has 3400 subscribers. On his channel, Wasabi does not only showcase his comedic musical talent, but also portrays his marketing skills through funny advertisements. Despite the belief that all content on Youtube that bags many views pays, Okay Wasabi had this to say: “Youtube itself does not pay at all, well I do not see the point to monetize my videos just yet. For me, it is a great platform to host my content. I love showing people what I can do on the platform”.

The Youtube sensation has caught the eye of major brands in the entertainment industry, among others – DSTV. He also cites receiving a nomination for a Loerie Award, hosting the Channel O Music Movie Festival, starring in an MNet short film, as well as meeting and performing alongside Sjava as major highlights of his career and says he aspires to do more.

“I hope to reach Joe Mafela heights”

Not only does Wasabi add a funny twist to your favourite songs, he also has his own original music. Last year, he released his mixtape titled Lost in Attridgeville. “Lost in Attridgeville (LIA) was my attempt at fusing comedy, my life experiences and music into one project”, he said. “The reception of LIA was good. I hope that as I grow, more people discover it but much like my videos it is mostly based on me having fun”.

Wasabi also told us that there is more to his music than his debut EP, LIA. He will be releasing his final mixtape titled With Love From Marabastad on the 16th of March 2018.

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    Mthandeni says

    I feel Okay Wasabi. I though Boyz II Men ithi “I’m down embedeni” kanti ithi I’m down on bended knee. Johnny Gill I though uthi “Oh kodwa please” on one of his songs. There are so many.

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