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Ayana Magazine on a quest to build genuine sisterhood

In a male dominated industry, where businesswomen are often asked for unorthodox favours in order to have successful businessmen invest in their dreams, Duduzile Noeleen Ngwenya says she is no stranger to these inappropriate advances.

The effervescent 21 year-old is the founder of Ayana Innovative Holdings. “Getting people to believe in your brand as a start-up, lack of funding as well, are two of the mostly faced challenges,” said Duduzile.

The foundation of her company came after she had to drop out of university (where she was doing a Chartered Accounting degree) due to lack of funding. It was through joining the INUKA Fragrances team, and getting into a business partnership called Feminine Intuition, that she gained experience and developed a passion for working with other women.

“I then began my entrepreneurship journey from the passion I had developed throughout the 2 years in the workplace, which is to empower women.”

Duduzile explained that her passion for women is what gave birth to Ayana Innovative on the 10th of July 2017. The other division (Ayana Magazine) also came to existence as a result of the failure of her previous women empowerment organisation (Feminine Intuition). When the partnership in the organisation fell through, Duduzile decided to start something alone in order to keep her passion alive.

Ayana Magazine explores different issues that affect women daily. These issues include career choice and working environment; entrepreneurship; health {all aspects}; abuse; beauty; lifestyle and self-discovery/development.

“I have a team of eight, which is three editors, a makeup artist, a photographer, graphic designer, web developer and administrator – with a writer’s team of 50 plus writers, which keeps growing as the digital magazine gains exposure,” she said.

Even though Ayana Magazine is in its infant stage, the growth has been tremendous. In just 2 weeks, the publication had reached over 6600 hits and in 4 months of its existences, it has reached countries such as Botswana, Namibia, Kenya and the city of Los Angeles in the USA.

“We will have different divisions as Ayana Innovative grows but Ayana Innovative Magazine is the main division of the company. With this digital magazine, we aim to reach out to women on a global scale, starting in Africa,” she added.

In their quest to encourage and build a genuine sisterhood, Ayana Innovative aims to reach out to women from all walks of life by collaborating with them and investing in their dreams. The goal is to be the most informative and entertaining digital site for women in the world.

Being aware of the competition she has to encounter in this journey, Duduzile stated that it inspires her to do better. Ayana Magazine may not be the first magazine for women, but she believes that keeping focus on her niche and learning from brands older than hers, is what she aims to do to make her own brand a success.

For more information, contact Duduzile Ngwenya (Founder & MD) on +27 76 460 6765 or Email:

Facebook: Ayana Magazine
Twitter: @AyanaInnovative

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