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Lerato Sejeng gives insight into running the business of music

Being patient and laying a firm foundation is said to be paramount in maintaining longevity and direction which a business takes. However, there are exceptions sometimes, as it has taken less than a year for Staxx Music & Media to announce its arrival and also make its presence felt in the business of music.

Staxx Music & Media is an artist management company that was registered in 2016. The idea is to provide services of promoting artists’ work and careers through radio and television plugins, as well as handling artist’s business affairs such as public relations, marketing strategies, bookings, sponsorship procurement and more.

Founder, Lerato Sejeng, has a wealth of experience in the music business and this is evident in the rapid growth of his company during the year 2017. We sat down with him to gain insight on his journey thus far, and also discover his plans of taking the company to new heights in the coming year.

“2018 promises to be a fruitful year for Staxx Music. There’s a lot that people can expect next year, such as the introduction of a few new talents, and we are currently working on a social media strategy and a website for the company.”

Sejeng describes himself as a twenty-first century hustler who was born and raised in Katlehong, east of Johannesburg. With twelve years under his belt, it is safe to add ‘artist manager extraordinaire’ to that description.

Having worked at Vth Season, Sejeng says that is where he gained his music and management knowledge, and therefore, later joining Ambitious Entertainment with his widespread rapport in the music industry.

“My experience was enough to make a huge impact on the rise of Ambitious Entertainment and growing my own brand (Staxx Music) was my main reason for leaving. Having acquired sufficient knowledge at Vth Season, under Raphael Benza, it became much easier for me to start my own thing,” said Sejeng.

Among some of the well-known artists he renders his services to (outside Staxx Music) include rappers Nasty C, AKA, Khuli Chana, Gigi Lamayne, Ma-E, Yanga and Nomuzi Mabena. He also consults for Slikour Onlife, as well as musicians Toya Delazy, Dj Pencil, Zing Mastar and DJ Dimplez. The biggest highlight of Sejeng’s career was traveling to England with Tresor for the Liverpool International Music Festival (LIMF) in 2015. As the founder of Staxx Music, a major highlight so far has been securing the Chappies bubblegum deal for the SA award winning rapper Emtee.

Not only does Staxx Music give opportunities to artists, Sejeng says along the journey of its growth, he looks to empower others by means of providing employment and mentorship.

“I appreciate the fact that I wouldn’t have been where I am today if somebody didn’t give me a chance. With Staxx Music, I look to empower and motivate other people; share with them the knowledge I have gained in recent years so that they too have the ability to open their own companies,” he explained.

Upon looking at some of the many ways in which he has remained relevant in this ever-changing industry, Sejeng cites maintaining his position – of being an artist manager – as one of thee most important aspects in the business. “I’ve seen a lot of people who have done artist management and they turned out to be artists as well because they wanted to be cool. And that is what I’ve learned that as an artist manager, you need to be behind the scenes and just let the artist flourish”.

In light of the perpetual evolution of the South African music industry, Sejeng says he is pleased that it has entered a new landscape.

“Unlike in the olden days where brands were hesitant about making deals with artists, things have changed. Brands are more open to working with South African artists, for example, BP working with Cassper on #FillUpTheDome, AKA with Cruz and Reebok, Nasty C with Redbat and Khuli Chana with Absolut Vodka”.

He also added that these deals are not given on a silver platter but require the artist to have a good manager and marketing team.

To get in touch with Lerato, email and look out for his company website which will be up and running in due course.

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