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Solution to harmful sanitary products

How often do women ask themselves about the products they use when going through their periods? Are women even aware that their health is in danger because of the substances sanitary towel manufactures add to these products?

These were some of the questions Zizipho Ntobongwana asked during a survey she carried out about the knowledge women have on the sanitary pads they use. According to the results, on average, 99% of women do not know what ingredients their sanitary towels contain.

Taking these results into consideration, Ntobongwana also conducted research, which further showed that commonly used sanitary pads contain harmful material and substances such as non-organic cotton, rayon, dioxin, chlorine and fragrance chemicals. Combining her general knowledge about menstruation with her Honours research information, she gave birth to Sheba Feminine Hygiene.

The 23-year-old shared with us that the main reason behind the introduction of Sheba sanitary pads range was to give women enough knowledge about feminine hygiene. This knowledge will in turn give women the liberty to choose the products best suited for their needs.

“Sheba is about the love I have for menstruators. Since knowledge is power, I wanted to give women the power to make informed decisions when it comes to their feminine hygiene.”

The Sheba Organic range, which is 100% cotton, consists of digital (non-applicator, super, super-plus) tampons, anatomical pantyliners, ultra-thin day pads and night pads. According to Ntobongwana, this Cape Town-based brand has been very well received – as the supply is growing more in demand.

“Most women who have tried our products have shown positive response and they tend to re-order Sheba products, thus we gain more women who sign up for subscriptions,” she said.

Ntobongwana further explained that a major plus is, her products are not only good for the human body, but they serve the environment well as they are Eco-friendly. “Generic products are not only bad for us, but the environment as well. A tremendous amount of products (pads) ends up in landfills and water treatment facilities because they are not biodegradable. Their effect on the environment is detrimental. We therefore want to take action and make people realize that one can be good to their body and to the environment,” she added.

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As the journey of revolutionizing feminine hygiene and transparency in healthy product selling continues, Ntobongwana highlighted that the aim is to reach the global market.

“I have big aspirations to take Sheba to a global take over but first the current responsibility is to change the mindset and views of Africans. We also want to be a company that plays a big role in women and black empowerment,” she explained.

Sheba Feminine Hygiene provides free delivery in Cape Town and East London (as well as these two Cities’ surrounding areas). Standard delivery price in other areas is R80.00

Visit their online store to either subscribe or make a purchase. For inquiries, send an email to and follow them on their Twitter & Instagram accounts.

We all know this exact feeling!! RIP to all the underwear we've lost to our periods! You did good?? ?:

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