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Helping students reach their full potential

It is not every day that young people take on the initiative to help those who are at their financial level, but with Rise African Child, the goal is to invest in tomorrow, today.

The story of Kamogelo Maja and the Rise African Child Non-Profit Organisation is engulfed by the South African Constitutional Right to access Education. In between her busy schedule, which includes university workload (as she is a student herself) the 22 year old from Polokwane manages to create and lead this strong non-profit organisation.

The NPO raises funds for financially excluded students. In addition to this, they collect and donate school uniform for underprivileged learners, as well as textbooks for learners and students respectively.

“I came up with the idea of this organisation in 2015, and with the help of my two friends, I was able to start it. It had a shaky start and I then took my idea to social networks with the aim to recruit new members with fresh ideas that would help me establish the organisation. Fortunately I was able to get 10 people who helped my organisation get balance and have a good shape going forward” Maja said.

The enthusiastic visionary went on to explain that it is her background and experiences that have inspired her spirit of unwavering determination – which she says, is to make a different in at least one learner’s life.

“Growing up in rural areas helped me develop the love of helping others who are in need and I know the little we offer as Rise African Child goes a long way.” 

According to Maja, the few setbacks which she’s encountered have only been as a result of improper planning and a lack of funding. “Low budget and no strategic plan of attracting sponsorship has been our major problem because we are still new” she added.

Maja’s vision, for the near future, is seeing her organisation expand to an extent that there are premises to help the youth reach their full potential. This growth or expansion plan is not only limited to academic assistance, but also encompasses artistic talent.

The organisation is dependent on donations and funds received through the exhibition of the artwork that its members produce, since many of them are artists at heart.

For enquiries, contact Kamogelo Maja on +27 (79) 924 7836 or email:

You can also send a direct message on the organisation’s Twitter account @RAC_NPO or click their donate button on

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