20 year-old author shares her love for writing

At just 20 years old, Marcia Ramodike is the author of “From an Empty Pride to a Full Price”, a novel inspired by black tax in South Africa.

The novel sees a young girl, Nthati, who leaves her rustic life in the boondocks and moves to the city, for the advancement of her education. She later graduates and meets Bulelwa, her boyfriend and boss, who is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. In this book, Marcia tackles deception, pride, love and necromancy.

We interviewed this young author to find out about her love for writing, which she says began 10 years ago. While most of the learners at her school participated in sports, she joined the library literature competition. “We were given about 300 paged books which we were supposed to read and finish in three weeks, that’s how I fell in love with writing” she says.

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Posted by From an empty pride to a full price on Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Originally from Limpopo, but now residing in the Free State, where she is studying towards an LLB at the University of the Free State, Marcia says that she is inspired by her will to succeed and become an independent women.

Prior to having her book published, she would write short stories and have her friends read them. At a later stage, she created a Facebook account where she shared all her stories and received what she describes as great feedback.

The passing of her mother, when she was in Grade 12, discouraged her greatly and she only continued writing again during her first year at varsity. That was when she embarked on her journey of writing the book aforementioned, which was launched on the 16th of December, last year.

I have received a lot of reviews and they are great, people are motivated and some even say it’s an eye opener and they are happy to have read such a piece of writing. All thanks to my best friend Gavaza Confidence Mhlari.

One of her greatest highlight was having the University of the Free State sponsor her for a free book launch by Mr Marcus. In addition to that, the University bought a few copies of her book, which are now on the shelves of all the campuses.

Itumeleng Sekhu, one of her favourite authors and mentor, also launched with her on the 23rd of March 2017. One hundred copies have been sold thus far, something that Marcia is extremely grateful for.

In light of this achievement, Marcia’s journey has not been plain sailing, as it took her 3 years to complete the book. “I’ve also written for magazines and never got a response. I’ve edited scripts for some guys and never got paid”, she says.

These setbacks are what she deems as having persuaded her into completing her law degree, writing more books and even consider venturing into movie script writing. “Currently I am working with Itumeleng Sekhu on my second book which will be out on a date or year that cannot be confirmed for now.” she added.

For purchases of her book, visit her personal Facebook account: Marcia Ramodike or her page FROM AN EMPTY PRIDE TO A FULL PRICE. Alternatively, you can send her an email to marciaramodike@gmail.com or call her on +27 78 145 9734.



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    Olorato says

    This young lady has achieved greatly at such a young age. I am inspired by her passion for writing
    Good luck for the future Marcia

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    Noline says

    It’s so motivating to see a friend of yours achieve such great things. This is a great book, it makes me want to do so much for my family. 🙂

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