Making your Check-Ins a lot simpler

It can be extremely annoying to have to wait in line to check in to your accommodation after a long day. The last thing you need is having to answer questions or fill in whatever details you may have missing.

No one wants to hear about hiccups or rooms given away because of a lack of punctuality. So, wouldn’t you rather just do your check-ins while on your way to the hotel, lodge or B&B on your mobile?

Introducing a self-service portal, by a hotelier software company Chefchenko, which allows you to check in and out of your accommodation with no hassles. The owner of this new portal, Simphiwe Mantini, holds a degree in Hospitality and has worked in quite a few hotels.

He has a wealth of experience in co-ordinating events i.e ZA Music Fest and was one of the 18 finalists in the SAB Kickstart Ignite competition. This is where he received training and guidance through working with various IT companies and the WIBC at the University of Johannesburg.

Working at hotels was what inspired Simphiwe to develop this app. “When guests who arrived late at night questioned having to go to reception to check-in instead of just doing it themselves and going straight to their rooms, the idea popped up.”

This software is actually going to make things simpler at front desk. In the end, we want to see efficiency and happy hotel customers.

Although he believes his idea is one for the books, he also adds that there have been many misconceptions about the software adding to the increasing unemployment rate.

The app launches in July 2017 and the steps are very simple:

Click here to view the step by step guideline.

After booking, you’ll receive a PIN as well as a link, via email.

– You fill in your contact and payment details.
– Confirm booking dates and room type.
– Enter any special requests regarding your room or stay.
– Click ENTER

And voila, you’ve checked in… Checking out is just as easy!!


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    Where2Be says

    Wow am surprised i missed this article.. I like this innovative concept and would like to shared some more insight to it how do i connect with them.

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      Simphiwe says

      Hi.. you can contact me, through email at driscoll88@gmail.com and I will respond immediately..

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