The yearning

On a cliff she stood, wrapped in fear
Its whispers of tender intimacies she yearned to hear
Because even in her solitude
Where her ray of hope had faded into the west
When a cloud of darkness chased her sunshine away
She was never alone

Beside her, was grief
Her companion
The only one who truly paid attention
So, she stood with grief
She stood in fear
She stood in the cold, alone
Trying to knit her aching thoughts into numbness

This cliff had become her sacred space
But death crouched on edges
Inside her feeble frame
Freedom fought for freedom from fear
And though faith seemed to appear
The yearning was still there
She needed to hear
Whispers of tender intimacies

Whispers that would travel down her spine
Into a soul with frayed lines
Whispers that would deafen the melancholy
That would fall, harmoniously like autumn leaves
Whispers that would trade places with grief
She yearned for whispers of tender intimacies


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    nandie says

    That is just beautiful. ……..it’s deep imaginery emotion ?

    • Reply
      Thule says

      Thanks for taking the time to read it?

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    Brantley says

    Beautiful ?.

    Would love see videos of these poems being recited thou ??.

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